Cat Grooming

How it works

All the grooming is done inside your home (not in a grooming van). The cat groomer visits you, bringing all the necessary cat grooming equipment including a small grooming table, and we set up inside your home.

All that's needed on your end is:

Washing / Bath

We do not provide cat washing/bath services as we do not work from a grooming van. All the grooming is done inside your home. Our grooming packages comprise mainly of brush-outs and various levels of clipping. Our full list of services are listed below.


Minimum call-out is $90, starting from "Brush-out" groom



Lion Cut

(little to no matting)

Comb clip

(strictly no knots or matting)

Please note this cut is not suitable when there are knots, matting or soiling present, or the fur is extremely dense i.e British/Exotic Shorthair types.

Matting removal

(hard lumpy knots / dreadlocks)

When matting is present in the fur (dreadlock-like knots) grooming tools do not simply glide through the coat as it tends to be tight, close to the skin, and can be meticulous work that takes extra time. Matting removal is always a clip-off as other methods will not guarantee a successful result and would require a great amount of patience from the cat.

Half-body matted

Most of the body matted

Extreme matting

(full body of solid shell matting)

(evening appointments only as it can take an indefinite amount of time)

Included in the above prices:


(Available with any of the above listed grooming packages only)

Soft Paws

(nail caps)

Soft Paws nail caps come in a range of sizes and colours to choose from on the day!

Cat Jumper

(to keep the kitty warm)

Multiple cat discount

(when you have more than 1 cat)

$ 20 discount / each additional cat
  • e.g. Lion Cut for 2 cats : $110 + ($110 - $20) = $200

Nail trim for an additional cat + $5

Service area & travel fees

A travel fee of $20 will apply for locations greater than 20km driving distance from Melbourne CBD (postcode 3000) and $30 for over 25km. Locations greater than 30km driving distance from Melbourne 3000 are out of our service area. (Driving distance can be checked on Google Maps)

Appointment availability

Please note that there is currently only one groomer who services the entire 30km radius from Melbourne CBD (and does all the booking communication in-between!), therefore there may be a longer wait for an appointment with us. To be able to help as many kitties as we possibly can, we service different areas on different days in order to minimise time spent on driving. Appointment availability will depend on your location. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

After-hours appointments

Since Saturday and weekday appointments after 4pm are the most requested, there is usually a much longer wait time than for weekday appointments during business hours. We don’t operate on Sundays and our grooming appointment times are Monday – Saturday 11am-6pm. 

Small services

Small services such as nail trims and sanitary clips are not offered on their own. Since we provide house-call grooming services, the minimum call-out is $80 to help cover travel time and petrol costs. 

Non-groomable call-out

If your cat cannot be groomed at the time of the groomer’s visit (ie. too defensive, cannot be found/caught/retreived from underneath furniture, escaped outside, requiring medical attention, etc.), a call-out fee of $30 + travel fee if located over 20km from Melbourne CBD will apply.

Things to know before the groom